Ground Up Construction

Sirius Building Company offers ground up construction that focuses on reliability and accountability. This type of construction demands expertise.  Planning is the core of ground up construction, so our team works closely with you to turn your vision into a custom facility. Start with a blank slate and design the commercial setting that meets your specifications. Our experienced team will simplify the many steps of ground up construction, like:

  • Exploring cost-effective solutions in each stage of your build
  • Crafting a custom space with our design partners
  • Expediting the permit-gathering process
  • Ensuring ADA and code compliance
  • Introduce outside-the-box solutions to project situations

It’s not enough to hire a commercial construction company to simply build your structure. Ground up construction must be done right, with high-quality materials and strategic planning. Sirius Building Company will construct a facility that will last for decades based on your needs and accounting for future growth.

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